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Est. 2020
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What better way to honor those we've lost by repurposing a gorgeous piece of hardwood (softwoods, too) from their collection.  ​

See the video on how I repurposed my late grandparents' cedar chest into my own, personalized carbon fiber tuning lever.

See the "How To" Instructions below.

Heirloom Collection Cost & How To Send Material To Randy

It's the same, exact price as the "segmented wood" option on the pricing page order form.  That's it.  

Pro Tip:  I use wood blanks (rectangular wood pieces) of approx. 3" diameter to start my projects which I then glue together how I see fit.  You need to supply me with enough wood material to fit a blank that is 3" x 20" (there is extra wood included in this figure in the event of tear-out during the first lever). 

EXAMPLE based on if you have 1/2" thick stock.  (Follow all safety guidelines when using older wood, a table saw,  & a mitre saw!!)

Step 1.  Email Randy at to tell me you'd like to send me your material for the Heirloom Collection Lever. 

Step 2.  Cut material into 3" width long boards using a table saw (which would look like a 2"x4" long board of lumber, only 3" instead of 4").

Step 3.  Cut long boards into 3" lengths using a chop or mitre saw.

Step 4.  If your material is 1/2" thick, you need to send me 40 pieces of 3" pieces.  This means you should be sending me 40 pieces of 3" x 3" pieces (if they are 1/2" thick).  If your stock is 3/4" thick, you need to send me 27 pieces of 3" x 3" pieces.

Step 5.  Put them in a box and ship them (might be slightly cheaper by USPS) to:  

88 On Pitch
149 High Valley Dr
Canton, CT 06019

Cassotto Levers RC.png