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Try One Before You Buy One

Let's Get The Ugly, Nitty Gritty Out of the Way First!
How It Works

The loanee will receive (1) #2 Cassotto Prestige tip & 1 tip insert.  The cost for the loaner is ONLY $20 + shipping costs.   In order to receive any available loaner lever, however, a $300 refundable deposit is due prior to shipment.  Venmo or PayPal are accepted.


Loaner Period

The loaner period is good for 30 days (day 1 begins when the USPS tracking shows the package was delivered to your address - we will supply the loanee with the tracking ID).  The loanee must return the lever within 30 days in order to receive the $300 deposit back, minus the $20 + the cost of shipping (includes shipping spent by 88 On Pitch (Cassotto Levers)).  Any lever not sent back within 30 days is subject to pay $100 for an additional 30 days.  Any lever not turned within 60 days of the original ship day will be subject to pay for the lever in full, or $654 total.  In the event the loaner lever is  received damaged or the lever/tip/tip inserts are lost and not returned to 88 On Pitch, fees will apply.  Due to limited supplies,  there are no exceptions.

Shipping The Loaner Back Within 30 Days

Please save the box & packaging the lever came in.  The loanee is responsible for carefully packaging the equipment, (lever, tip, tip insert, & carrying tote) along with paying return shipping costs via USPS, with a minimum of insurance coverage of $300, to:


88 On Pitch

149 High Valley Dr

Canton, CT 06019

Now That The Negative Talk Is Over!  :-)

You’ll be receiving a lever that should be in pristine condition, unless directly expressed prior to shipment.  Please dl you best to care for the lever by putting it in its supplied carrying tote after each use.  Other than that, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

When your name has reached the "Current Loaner" status, you’re eligible and will be notified but please check periodically. 

Current Loaners

Herb Lindahl Hlindahl@cox.net

Randy Lemie  randylemle@gmail.com

Next Up

David Skolnik davidskolnik@optonline.net

Caleb Bendull cbendull@uco.edu

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