No guesswork - Just Simple Tasks

1.  Tuning

New pianos should be tuned 4x in the first year, then twice per year thereafter.  Tuning your piano regularly helps keep the string tension more consistent and allows me, your technician, to oversee your piano’s overall health.


A freshly tuned piano is SO much more enjoyable to listen to and play!


2.  Humidity

Pianos thrive in a stable environment at 42% relative humidity (RH). Consistent humidity leads to a longer lasting tunings, plus it minimizes changes in how the keys work in conjunction with the 5,000 internal “action” parts.  If you can (at least) maintain humidity between 35%RH & 55%RH in the room, while it's a huge difference in moisture content, it's still somewhat acceptable.  


Ultimately, stabilizing your piano’s soundboard with a Piano Life Saver System might truly be what you'll want for ease of use & maintenance.  The dual humidification / dehumidification system maintains the right amount of moisture for you easily and silently.  All you do is add water every-other-week on average.

3.  Keep It Clean

A clean piano works better, looks better, sustains its value, and helps keep parts from sticking or slowing down.  See the “Platinum” Service for basic soaping & cleaning (at least once per year) or the “Ultra Luxe” service for the deep polish (once every 5 to 10 years).

You can also use an air compressor and blow out the string & tuning pin area (grand piano) to help reduce buildup in those areas.

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4.  Know The Big 5

The "Big 5" refers to the 5 main parts of piano servicing & care.

1.  Tuning - You already know new pianos need 4 tunings in the first year, then twice per year thereafter

2.  Humidity - between 35% & 55% is OK, but consistent humidity at 42% is ideal.

3.  Voicing - How warm & soft or how harsh & tinny ("bright") a piano sound affects how you hear and enjoy the piano.  This can be changed and catered to your liking.

4.  Regulation - If your piano is difficult to play, we can re-align, recondition, & modify the amount of friction in them to accelerate the keys & performance.

5.  Repairs - String repairs, keytops, refinishing, hammer replacements... you name it.  We are equipped to help :)