When you purchase a magnetic release head style lever, you get 2 magnetic inserts.  By ordering this insert, this is considered an extra piece on top of the 2 you'll already have.

Magnetic Tip Insert


    Each CASSOTTO Lever comes with a 5 year limited warranty, under normal use, for the wooden body and carbon fiber core.  The Taffijn tips, Cassotto aluminum heads, Cassotto aluminum & steel inserts, Cassotto Prestige tips, Cassotto Neo tips, & damage to the exterior finish are excluded from the warranty.

    In the event of a ANY malfunction, however, please email Randy Cassotto at cassottolevers@gmail.com.  If the wooden body or carbon fiber core malfunctions at any time in the first 5 years of ownership (segmented woods man not be covered), your equipment can be shipped to: 

    88 On Pitch     149 High Valley Dr.     Canton, CT 06019  (shipping charges apply).   If the lever's body or carbon fiber core is irrepairable, a new lever will be provided to you.  Obvious neglect or deliberate damage will void any and all parts of this warranty.  Keep your lever away from high heat, extreme cold, and liquids. ©2022