86 Client Testimonials

Randy has been tuning our piano for years.  It was given to us by a family member and was in need of work when we got it.  He did an amazing job of making it playable again.
Did a great job fixing an intermittent problem on my Essex.  Would recommend A+.  Fair pricing also.
Randy originally came to help us restore parts of our antique piano and now comes regularly to tune it. It has never sounded better.  Thank you Randy for your continued care.
I had worked with Randy for a few years when I owned my upright Yamaha, and was always pleased with his service and professionalism. When I started to shop for my first grand, he was also a great resource, ultimately putting me in touch with the retailer I purchased from.

I purchased the Ritmuller Grand in the spring of 2017, and was determined to get the most out of my piano. Randy worked with me early on for tuning and installing a humidity control system. As the piano started to “settle in”, he paid a couple of extra visits to make small adjustments, and to explain how much the piano could and would change in the early years of ownership.

After about 9 months, however, I was becoming increasingly worried that perhaps I had made a bad purchase. While I loved the playability of the Ritmuller at first, I felt that it was starting to diverge more and more from my playing style.

After further consultation with Randy (he’s very patient with me!) we agreed to do a “concert prep” on the piano. He made several adjustments to every key and every hammer (and other things I don’t even know the name of). I was hopeful that this additional investment would pay off with better playability and some peace of mind .

I have been absolutely thrilled since the prep. The action, playability and tone are all the best they’ve ever been. I’m reassured that not only do I have the right piano for me, but I have access to an expert with the skill and knowledge to help me take care of it for years to come.
Very happy with Randy’s work.  We had an older piano that had been neglected and I was most concerned about getting good advice about whether it was worth spending money on it and what to do.  I was really impressed with how much time Randy took to explain all the options and very happy with the final result.
Our piano sounds 100% better after it was tuned! Randy was very thorough in his explanations and made sure that I knew what he was doing and why. Thank you so much - my children are very excited to play now!  We will be calling you next time we need our piano tuned and recommending you to friends.
Randy is the best!  He keeps my Chickering upright in top-notch condition and always reminds when it’s due for a tuning.  The piano is a family heirloom, so his dedication to its care truly gives me peace of mind.
I have a 35 year old Yamaha upright... I think it’s called a U2.  A beautiful instrument, but It has had a lot of neglect including variable humidity and infrequent tunings, and the sound showed it.  Randy put a lot of work into the action and the hammers, voiced it, tuned it... with great results.  Sounds like a new instrument.
We were thrilled with Randy’s visit this week.  He squeezed us in with an appointment in just a few days, and provided a valuable assessment of our piano, along with a very affordable tuning.  Thank you Randy!
Randy did a great job on our piano again.  This is our second piano that he has tuned for us and it sounds like new.  He goes over everything with you before evening starting to do the work.  There is no pressure at all from him.  He had very good suggestions that I will definitely implement, including covering a vent close to the piano that I didn’t know could cause an issue over time.  With three little kids “playing” it not so delicately, I appreciate Randy’s work very much!
I was fortunate to obtain my dream piano and as an extra prize Randy came along with it - I trust him totally to not only service my piano but offer me advice on how to best keep in at it’s best playing condition and watches for potential future problems.
I purchased a used piano from Randy several years ago, and have been very happy with the piano and the service Randy provides.  He is extremely knowledgeable and talented at what he does.  He always returns my emails and calls right away, and shows up on time for appointments with a friendly smile.  He sends me reminders of when I am due for a tuning, so I don’t need to keep track of it.  My piano sounds amazing, thanks to Randy!  I would highly recommend 88 On Pitch.
Randy did a wonderful job tuning our piano and we will not hesitate to use him again.  He was incredibly knowledgable and professional - we would recommend him to anyone!
Randy was incredibly friendly and professional from start to finish.  I left a voicemail for him describing the problem with my piano and he called me back with what he thought the problem was and a few possible solutions.  He was able to come look at and fix the piano a couple days later.  He examined the piano thoroughly and explained what caused the issue.  He is clearly very knowledgeable about the construction and functioning of pianos, which made me feel very confident in his work.  He gave me a few options of what to do going forward without pressuring me one way or another.  He was able to treat the piano and tune it twice that day, and so far it sounds great.  My former piano tuner was less optimistic and basically recommended that I get a new piano (a very depressing thought), so I am very glad and thankful that I called Randy who saved my piano for a fraction of the price of buying a new one.
Randy was gracious enough to find a priory slot in his schedule and devote a good 3+ hours to tuning our instrument.  In my experience, Randy’s expertise is unmatched and quality is superb.  Highly recommended for musicians, novice to professional.  A simply honest and forthright business.
Randy was a perfect model of personalized and responsive customer service.  As a gift from me, he tuned my parents’ piano, which hadn’t been tuned in years.  Now it sounds beautiful!  Thank you!
Of course I expect that the piano will sound better after a tuning; but somehow after talking music with Randy, my playing sounds better, too.  He is always on time, always professional and always interesting.  I have heartily recommended him to my family and friends.
Randy is always punctual, capable, and friendly.  He offers suggestions, but doesn’t push.  If only we all were a little more like him!
There just isn’t enough space to tell all that Randy has done for us and our piano.  He brought our piano back to life! I watched pieces leave the house and return beautifully restored.  He didn’t stop until the piano met his standards, and I can say, exceeded ours!  He was always honest and sincere in his assessments, and he gave great advise about was necessary and what was not without any pressure at all.  Our piano got the loving touch from Randy!  88 On Pitch makes beautiful music!
It is my pleasure to write a review for Randy.  He came to my house last year when my piano was in desperate need of tuning and repair.  He was very thorough in explaining the various musical issues I had with my piano and offered several possible solutions which I greatly appreciated.  Randy arrived on time and was very professional in his work and his explanations were readily understandable to a beginning music student.  I highly recommend Randy Cassotto and intend to invite him to my next piano crisis!
We have used Randy for about 6 or 7 years now and find him to always be very professional, honest, easy to work with and above all, an expert piano tuner.  I’ve never seen him without a smile and a pat for my dogs.  Any and all emails are almost instantly answered.  I would highly recommend Randy Cassotto from 88 On Pitch to anyone or any organization needing piano tuning or repair.  I doubt you could find a better tuner in the state of Connecticut, I know you couldn’t find a nicer one!
The work itself was great, but the exceptional aspects were all the other things above and beyond the basic work.  Randy thoroughly reviewed the general health of the piano.  He described in detail what he found.  In fact, the educational component of his visit was one of the best parts.  I asked later and found out that his degree is in music education, and it showed in his love of explaining things to ensure we knew exactly what was going on.  He has a multi-level pricing structure that gets cheaper the more you keep your piano in tune; which is quite fair since the more out of tune it is, the more work it is.  He emailed the full pricing list upon first request.  He reviewed all the repair needs he found, discussed what it would take to fix them, and how much it would cost, and at no point was their any “up-sell” pressure, just good facts on how to keep the piano in shape.  He finished the job with quite a few minutes of playing some rather beautiful pieces that made me both realize how good a piano we have, and how bad a player I am!  He operates out of Canton, but says he’s willing to travel quite a bit around Connecticut.  Overall, spectacular work.  Very highly recommended.
Proficient...professional...personable...polite...these are but a few of the qualities that describe Randy Cassotto. These sentiments are echoed by my students who also use Randy as their piano tuner.  Having known Randy for over 20 years, I can say with confidence that he is a man of impeccable integrity.  He takes good care of my Steinway!
I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable, caring, and friendly piano technician!  It was easy to see that Randy took great care in his work.  He did a wonderful job with my piano and I will only use 88 on Pitch in the future!  I highly recommend his services to anyone with a piano.
Very pleased with 88 On Pitch and Randy’s tuning this morning!  The Steinway is very happy again and sounds great, good to know that the various moves from Mexico to NYC to Suburban Connecticut haven’t done any harm.  Thanks!
We used Randy Cassotto with 88 on Pitch. I was very happy with his service.  I was also happy that he didn’t push for more services than what was needed to get started.
Great job, professionally tuned piano efficiently with a smile.  We have been doing business with 88 On Pitch for nearly 10 years and will continue to do so.
Randy just tuned my piano and it sounds great!
Randy came in and pitch raised my piano to get it ready to sell, and now I don’t think I’m gong to sell it!
Made my old Baldwin sound great!  Thanks so much for everything!
Randy tuned my piano and I am very pleased with that.  There was also a part that was broken and because my piano was built in 1978, he wasn’t able to get a replacement.  Randy recreated the part and was able to get my piano playing again.  He’s very busy but he is very accommodating and does a great job.
Randy replaced the key tops, leveled the keys and touched up the sharps on my 100+ year old Steinway A.  He is highly proficient/ knowledgeable, a real craftsman and very customer focused. He was a pleasure to do business with.  I highly recommend him.
Randy is very professional and honest.  He took the time to answer any questions I had and was very thorough and patient.  He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services to anyone who owns a piano!
Our piano never sounded better.  Randy is amazing!
Randy came to tune our 1979 upright piano that family gave us years ago. He arrived right on time (thank you!), was very professional, was able to fix our piano, and all was done in a timely fashion for a reasonable price.  Our piano was out of tune when it was given to us back in 1998, and in 2012, after two moves, another tuner had told us that it would take over a year with 8-9 separate tunings ($$$) to hopefully bring it back up to pitch, but he couldn’t guarantee he could do it.  We didn’t go that route and nothing has been done with the piano since then.  Fast forward to 2017 with kids that are a little older who are starting to show some interest in learning to play, we figured we would try calling someone else in the hopes that they might be able to do something that the other tuner could not.  Randy was able with two tunings (just one visit!) to bring the piano back to A440 pitch and to tweak a few other things in order to give us a much more pleasant (usable!) sounding piano.  We are more than happy with the results, and to have the piano now be used instead of just holding pictures, is truly wonderful.  We highly recommend 88 On Pitch!
Randy is amazing!!  Although our piano was given to us as a free present, Randy was very informative and honest when he told us we would be better off purchasing a higher quality instrument and even offered advice on where to go to purchase a better piano.  We have had nothing but pleasurable experiences with Randy.  His knowledge and passion for his work is incredible and definitely left us with a great experience.  Once we have our next instrument, we will definitely be going back!  Thank you, Randy.
I highly recommend Randy.  I am a professional musician, an award-winning classical composer and singer-songwriter.  My Bachelor’s is in classical composition.  I have played literally thousands of gigs - in other words, I am a super-critical and demanding musician who needs his piano tuned just right or it drives me nuts!  And Randy’s got what it takes to tune your piano right, the first time, even for the most discerning ears such as mine.  The nice thing, too, is that he patiently takes his time going about his job.  He’s serious and he doesn’t leave until the piano is up to his high standards of tuning and performance.  Plus, he’s such a nice fellow.  He’s well-respected by others in the know, too - I know he’s the techie for one or more major local concert venues.  He’s the real deal.
— RICHARD BROWN, 2nd Review!
Our hand-me-down piano hadn’t been tuned in many (many) years, so we had Randy come out to see what kind of shape it was in.  He took the time to explain every aspect of the piano to us, answer all our questions, and give us advice on how to best care for it.  He took great care and tuned the piano beautifully!  It is evident that Randy is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about what he does.
I’ve been working with Randy for over 5 years now.  He’s hands down the best piano tuner I have ever met.  My piano is kept in phenomenal shape because of Randy’s expertise.  Look no further for your next tuning or repair!
Working with Randy and 88 On Pitch is just what you hope for when seeking any professional services.  Prior to my appointment, he was responsive, communicated expectations clearly and was up front about what his services cover and cost.  He was able to get out to our house the very next day and assess the piano that we inherited from my grandfather’s estate.  Within minutes of reviewing the piano’s function, he was able to lay out for us exactly what would be required to restore the piano to optimal function.  While we opted not to restore the piano based on just how costly the rebuild would be, we were thankful that we had found a professional that we trust to give us an honest assessment without ‘nickel and diming’ us or making us at all feel like we were pressured to move forward with his services.  I would highly recommend 88 On Pitch for ANY of your piano needs.  We will certainly being utilizing their services again in the future.
I recently purchased a used Charles Walter console piano for my home teaching studio, knowing that it needed a bit of work to bring it back to life.  Randy came highly recommended, and I am absolutely thrilled with his work on this instrument.  He is professional, honest, thorough, very accommodating to my schedule, and a real master of his craft.  Totally worth every penny!
Wonderful to work with Randy - so knowledgeable and professional.  He had all of our best interests in mind as he worked with our piano.  I will turn to him every time.
Randy provided top shelf service.  He is extremely knowledgable and his technical skills are excellent.  He is responsive and professional.  I have a Kawai Parlor Grand piano, circa 1977.  The piano was purchased used from a private owner and had been regularly maintained.  However, it had not been tuned in a couple of years.  Besides needing to be tuned, I noticed the action seemed to be stiff and not as responsive with rapid key strikes, plus my son started taking lessons and advised that our piano just didn’t play like his piano teacher’s did.  I researched piano technicians and based on multiple reviews contacted Randy.  Randy got back to me the same day, arranged the appointment, arrived on time, examined the piano, explained in detail his recommendations.  We agreed on the work, he removed the action and took it back to his shop and returned it just over one week later.  He spent the day completing the work, cleaning, tuning, and adjusting.  The piano is a joy to play and my son loves to play now.  Randy also followed up one week after completing the work to confirm we were happy with the piano’s performance.  We couldn’t be happier and will definitely utilize Randy in the future.
Randy is a 5+ piano technician/tuner.  He completely rebuilt the action and voiced the hammers on my 1917 Steinway O.  It feels and sounds like a new Steinway!  What a great job.  He is very dedicated.  He came back to fine tune (pun intended) the voicings on a few hammers and made a some follow up adjustments.  The piano is great.  I most highly recommend Randy for any piano repair/regulation and tuning.
Randy did a phenomenal job.  He was very thorough and spent his time tuning the piano.  Randy takes pride in his job as I witnessed his meticulous procedure of fine tuning the piano by listening and testing each piano key.  He answered my questions about the piano and made several recommendations for caring for the piano to ensure its longevity.  I would highly recommend him to tune any piano as he gives his utmost care in doing so.  Thank you so much.
Randy is the most knowledgeable professional I have encountered when dealing with my grand piano.  He explained everything thoroughly and was very responsive to email questions regarding fixing and tuning my piano.  He afforded me a lot of time on his visit to my home, and provided different options to service my needs.  He performed a regulation service on my piano and it is awesome!  My 18 year old piano seems better than the day I bought it!  I am one happy customer!
Randy is the most professional piano tuner I’ve encountered!  Not only is he exceptional at his work, he always leaves us with a clear understanding of what he’s done to the piano, what he could have done (if appropriate, as we have an older, not-very-valuable-but-sentimentally-rich piano), and what our next steps should be.  I’m most impressed that he is so young and energetic in a field that seems to be dominated by “old masters.”  He is truly a master at his work, and obviously has a passion for keeping the music alive in our homes.
Randy recently completed a complete master regulation and voicing of my 11 year-old Samick baby grand.  It had always been “bright” but lately it had become so bright that it was brittle to point of being harsh in the middle to high registers.  Also, one key did not hit the proper string, and many others were misaligned.  I would not play it without using the soft pedal.  Today, the piano sounds marvelous, with a rich, soft tone, but comes alive when you want it to.  Also, although I never noticed that the keys had been so lumpy and irregular, they now all operate quickly, and with the same pressure.  It is EASY to play softly !  WOW !  The more I play it, the more I realize how much better it sounds and how much easier it is to play.  Thank you!
Randy came highly recommended - and no surprise! Super guy with integrity, ability and good attitude. He puts ‘himself’ aside to assure best service to artiste and venue-owner. I’d unconditionally recommend Randy and look forward to more occasions to work together. He’s my go-to guy for all piano-related situations!”  
UPDATE 7/24/2014:  Randy consistently and continually raises the bar for customer service, integrity, great tuning skills, reliability and like-ability.  Maybe that’s why he’s rising to the status of #1 go-to guy for all things piano here in Connecticut!
— JON ENGLAND, PIANO SHOWMAN & CLIENT  www.jonengland.com
Randy Cassotto is the whole package.  He knows what he is doing, he’s organized and he communicates extraordinarily well.  Randy has been tuning our piano for years now as well as repairing it when necessary.  I recommend him without hesitation.
Hired Randy to assess the piano that came with our house, was pleasantly surprised by his honesty - simply said the piano was not worth saving.  Was responsive to my initial inquiry, came when he said he would, did the job hired to do.  Overall very happy with the experience.
I have worked with Randy for a couple of years. He is prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.  The price for his services is reasonable as well.
I am a classically trained pianist and Steinway owner in the Hartford area.  I am very fussy about my pianos and Randy does a very satisfactory tuning.  He is pleasant, shows up on time, and is trustworthy in your home.  If you need a piano tuned, I recommend him without hesitation.
A nice and caring guy and an excellent pianist/tuner.
Thanks so much!  You did a wonderful job!
Thank you Randy for quick availability and being trustworthy.  Your skill improved the sound and function of our old piano despite requiring a lengthy tuning and troubleshooting.
Randy is amazing.  Instead of 88 On Pitch, his company should be called Perfect Pitch.  He totally refurbished my upright Yamaha piano that I bought from a music school.  The sound is amazing.  Remember, if you have a great sounding piano, you’ll want to play more.  Even my music teacher said it was the best sounding piano he has ever played on.  Don’t hesitate.
Great service, a pleasure to work with.
Randy is amazing to work with.  He’s prompt with communication, caring towards his customers, and is the most detail-oriented piano technician around.  He takes pride in his work and aims to please all of his customers.  He restored my mother’s Baldwin piano after many years of it not being tuned.  Most recently, he is helping me to find the right piano to purchase.  He came to look at a piano with me and did a thorough analysis on the piano.  I’m glad I paid him to come look with me, as the piano wasn’t worth anywhere near what the owner was offering.  If you are looking to get the most out of your piano or you’re looking to purchase a piano, I highly recommend Randy.  It would be difficult to find another technician with the same level of expertise and professionalism!

Randy is the absolute best around.  When we met him we had an ancient piano from the 1870s and he made that thing last long enough for our girls to progress. Then when it was time to find a new piano he helped up the whole way.  I will never buy another piano again without him looking at it first. And now we won’t need to because he helped us find our dream piano.  Such a wonderful person to work with and once you talk about him you realize that everyone in the valley knows who he is!
My wife and I (both professional musicians) inherited an upright piano from a relative and were immediately referred to Randy to get it fixed up and tuned.  He was easy to work with, knowledgable and up front with the specific work our instrument would need.  I will definitely be calling him in 6 months to re-tune our piano!
Randy has been tuning my piano for several years and I am delighted with his service, prices and professionalism.  He installed a system to prevent damage to my piano and I am very pleased with the result.  The piano is the one I learned to play on sixty years ago and would hate to see it damaged.  He has been carefully getting it on pitch after many years of no tuning.  I would highly recommend his services.
I have worked with Randy Cassotto for over three years, and in my 15 years of experience, Randy is by far the best Piano Technician I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  I have never had a problem with the tuning, voicing, or playability of Infinity Hall’s Yamaha C3.  In fact, every musician who has played our piano (including David Brubeck, George Winston, Tori Amos, Judy Collins, etc.) has come back and told me that our piano is one of the best that they encounter around the world.  Randy Cassotto has my highest recommendation!!  Feel free to call if you have any questions.
Professional.  Great Communicator.  I’m always so thankful for my freshly TUNED piano!
Randy does great work....very timely for each and every appointment and works to make the piano sound great!
Randy’s service is always professional at every level.  Punctual and trustworthy.  I’ve been using his services for close to a decade and have never had a negative experience with his maintenance tuning and repair work.
Randy has always been congenial, punctual and accurate.  We contracted him to correct a bad tuning done by another piano tuner a few years ago and have been using him ever since.  Randy’s love for what he does is clearly evident in the finished product.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending 88 On Pitch.
Professional!  We purchased a used piano from Randy about three years ago.  We are delighted with the piano and Randy’s excellent customer service.  He offered great advice on selecting our first piano.  His technical knowledge as well as enthusiasm for music is evident.
I moved my 50 year old childhood piano up to Connecticut from my mother’s apartment in NY.  It was old, out of tune, and a bit worse for wear.  Randy was able to get it tuned and adjusted despite string and hammer issues so that it is now in its best possible condition and I am able to play on it again!  Randy is honest and talented and we are so glad we found him!  Best piano tuner/tech ever!
Randy is great!  He’s personable, professional and clearly knows what he’s doing.  Our piano has never sounded so great.  Highly recommend him.
Randy came highly recommended and I know why.  He not only did an excellent and thorough job on our piano, he had advice and information for this “non musical” parent.  He is professional and courteous.  I will continue to use him for our piano needs and share his name with anyone in search of a piano technician.  Thank you, Randy!
Arrived as scheduled, very professional.  Examined the piano and made recommendations to improve humidity levels to preserve the life of the piano.  Tuned the piano as planned, but also recommended that it be re-pitched, as it had not been tuned in at least twelve years.  This increased the cost of services, but was conveniently handled all at once.  Has since sent me e-mail reminder on annual anniversary date to schedule an appointment.
Randy is a terrific piano tuner. Friendly and professional, he’s also knowledgeable about his craft, and keeps up to date on techniques and trends. He always takes time to answer my questions, and works to fix any concerns I have with my instrument, one time even making a quick adjustment that’s not part of the regular tuning service. Another time, he FaceTimed me to walk me through an adjustment on the let-off (I think) of one of the hammers on my piano, which was actually a simple procedure, and saved me the cost of a service call. Clearly, he wants to be sure his clients are happy, and he won’t stop till it’s right. I recommend him highly!
We were complete piano novices when we decided to buy our daughter a piano five years ago.  Randy inspected the used piano we found, identified issues that he could fix, and helped us determine a fair price to offer.  He has maintained the piano ever since.  Three years ago, he took the time to let our daughter observe and help with a tuning for a school project.  He was so kind to her, and she ended up with an outstanding project on piano mechanics.  He is punctual, very pleasant, and does an amazing job.  We are lucky to have someone of his calibre in our area!
Randy Cassotto is in a class by himself as a piano technician.  For the last five years he has regularly tuned our piano which has never sounded better.  Randy is responsible, professional and friendly.  It’s always a pleasure to have him here and listen to him work his magic, both as a technician and as a player.  I recommend him unreservedly.
I kid you not - Randy is one of the nicest and most professional piano tuners/technicians around.  I am very fussy, being a professional singer/songwriter and recording artist.  I have a trained ear that winces when a piano is even a little out of tune (well-tempered tuning that is).  I have used many piano guys over the decades and so I can say with honesty that Randy’s one of the tops anywhere.  He takes his time, too - which I appreciate.  He doesn’t leave until the last note is right.
I had no idea my piano could sound as beautiful as Randy magically made it.  Okay, so it’s probably more talent and expertise than magic.  But I, for one, am completely mystified how my once tinny/twangy piano now sings out softly and purely.  He also deciphered the bothersome culprit causing a pedal squeak and in almost no time vanquished it completely!
Randy is so knowledgeable and proficient in his profession, in addition to being a really nice and personable guy.  He’s been our piano tuner for many years now and we trust him completely.  He always leaves the piano sounding wonderful and we couldn’t be happier to find someone who really knows what he’s doing.  He installed the humidification system in our piano a few years ago and it has helped tremendously since we use a wood-burning stove throughout the winter.  It keeps the piano in tune much longer and I’m sure it’s also helping to preserve the sound board.  Highly recommend 88 On Pitch.
Randy Cassotto is truly an exceptional piano tuner we felt so lucky to have found while living in CT.  He is very knowledgeable, using the state of the art tuning technique and giving us useful advices and tips about piano maintenance.  He is always on top of things, sending reminders when our piano is due for tuning (really helpful given our already crazily busy life).  Our family highly recommends him to anyone without hesitation!
We had Randy tune our piano for the first time last week and are very happy with the results.  I am a professional pianist and retired teacher and have been in the business for years.  Randy is not a piano tuner.  He is a craftsman.  A rare find.  I enthusiastically recommend him.
Randy with 88 On Pitch is the rare piano expert you have always hoped to find.  He’s extremely kind and caring, while at the same time being professional, honest and knowledgeable about all things piano.  I met him a few years back when I was looking for an honest and reliable piano tuner for my family’s upright in West Granby.  He was very thorough, went over everything that needed to be addressed, and best of all gave me options as to what could be done; and which services would yield the best long-term results.  Just the other day he serviced a 1920s baby grand that I recently purchased that needed some work.  This baby grand is a very unconventional piano that Randy had never come across before, yet, instead of shying away, he tackled the job without complaint and it sounds FANTASTIC now.  If you’re looking for a cheerful, honest, highly knowledgeable professional to service all your piano needs, look no further than Randy Cassotto with 88 On Pitch.
Randy, you were super! Professional, honest and very pleasant.  My old piano sounds great and I am truly grateful.  I definitely will tell my friends about your great service.  Thanks, again.
Randy is a very talented piano tuner and technician.  I highly recommend his services!
Randy is a wonderful tuner and my piano sounds superb after he tunes it.