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"The Prestige #1 tips are superb, fitting the smaller Asian tuning pins perfectly, as well as many Steinways.  The control is exceptional, and is one of the best if not the best tips on the market today!  You will not be disappointed!"

 - Brian Knox, Keyboard Technician for Luther College

Our Own Prestige Tips - Made In The USA:  How We Are Paving The Way To A New Industry Standard in Strength
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It's no secret that a quality tuning comes from a quality lever & tight-fitting tip.  The better the fit, the better the results.


Our tips not only model the star-pattern from the famous BKB tips, but we've modified and enhanced our tips by employing a steel alloy, low in carbon, which has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.  We case harden our parts to give them an added barrier of protection & black oxide finish, resulting in a tougher & stiffer exterior.   With a slightly softer core, we've greatly reduced the brittleness which has resulted in tip fatigue and fracture in competitor's tips.

C A S S O T T O   P R E S T I G E
#1 & #2
Made in multi-stages in our various machining, plating, & metals shops in multiple Connecticut counties.

Questions & Answers

Do your tips fit all levers?

UPDATE October 2022:  Our new tips to launch between October - November 2022 should fit more levers like Faulk, Reyburn, some Fujan (some may need our insert), Jahn heads (they will need our insert), and anything with a true 3/8-30 male post.  Our threading precision comes directly from Vermont Gage, a company who sets the highest standards for accuracy.

What makes your tips grip the pins?
We use an EDM process which electronically charges the tip to form the desired pattern of the star pattern.  It's extremely accurate and consistent. 

Are all tuning pins the same?
No.  Even high-end piano manufacturers ( I will not name who ) do not have the most consistent tuning pin slopes and diameter.  I've seen some pianos which have MULTIPLE varying exterior wall posts on their tuning pins.  Even the most perfected tip will be closer to one becket on one pin and further away on another.  This is why it's impossible to make a tuning tip which fits perfectly on all pianos, but ours fits the best.

What are your tips made from?
We use a case-hardened steel alloy that is an incredibly strong material.  The black oxide adds a further layer of protection and hardening to our tip inserts & tips.  The wear on our material is superior to various types of stainless steels.

Should I order the #1 Prestige,  #2 Prestige, or both? 
It is strongly advised that you purchase both tips.  After reading the question above about "Are all tuning pins the same?", this gives the exact reason.  We have also charted out our tests below on which tips fit best on pianos of varying manufacturers.

Our #1 Prestige fits tuning pins snug like the #2 BKB tip and our #2 Prestige fits like the #3 BKB.  Strong, versatile, and a 'must-have' for all technicians who want maximum control at the pin.  Mated for the threaded release technology.

Our tuning pin-to-tip-fit studies

Alternate Tip Option
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#1 & #2

These Belgium/Chinese tips should fit most levers with the 3/8-30 thread (our levers and most Reyburn Rigid & Fujans.  For Jahn heads, you simply need one of our inserts that installs on this tip and threads into the Jahn head).

A great fitting tip from Belgium made for American, Asian & European tuning pins.  These are currently mated with the thread heads & magnetic release heads. 



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