Tuning Levers for The Professional Piano Technician

Hi Randy. I just wanted to thank you for your expert work designing and crafting my tuning lever. Since I’ve been using it I have noticed a further improvement in accuracy and stability in my tunings. The control I have gained from more minute movements of the tuning pin have both improved tuning accuracy and reduced tuning time. Thank you so much!
— Alex Smith, Yamaha & Steinway Factory Trained Piano Technician
Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 6.51.35 PM.png
I bought a custom tuning lever from 88 On Pitch and it works perfectly! I gave it a thorough break in with a 150¢ pitch raise on a Kimball Spinet. It performed the job exactly as I hoped it would. It’s light, solid and comfortable in my hand. I was able to move between pins without ever needing to switch my grip. To top it all off it looks awesome! Beautiful craftsmanship and artistry. Thank you!
— Nathan Mills, RPT


Create Your Own Tuning Lever

I began making tuning levers in 2004 during my piano technology apprenticeship with RPT, Keith Kopp in Orem, Utah. I gained employment at Craft Supplies, a prestigious woodturning supplies and parts company. I bought my first JET Mini Lathe 15 years ago which has afforded me the opportunity to develop my love for woodworking.


My Current Lever

Stainless Steel Shaft with a Hale Head & #2 Tip. Approx. 9.5” in total length.


Most recent custom lever for a colleague.

Hard Maple handle with a lightweight Titanium Shaft. This is a “Jr.” lever, made at a length of only 8”, for rapid pitch raising, per request.


Please fill in the information below.  Once received, texting (or messaging through facebook) works well to brush up on details.  We can chat about any questions you may have.  Once we settle on your lever, a $50 non-refundable deposit will be invoiced via PayPal.  Once received, fabrication begins.

When the lever is nearly complete, the remaining amount is due. The cost for custom levers will vary on the size & materials. Pricing ranges between $295 to $395 + tax & shipping (a quote will be given during initial design and concept).  Refunds cannot be given once your lever has shipped.  See warranty information at the bottom of this page.

Choosing the RIGHT size…

1 3/4” round diameter ball (golf balls are approx. 1.68” & too small, in my opinion)

2” (pool balls are approx. 2 1/4” - I love this size)

2 1/4” (same - love this size)

2 1/2” (tennis ball size - for bigger hands)

2 3/4” (baseball size - for large hands)

Name *
Overall Length (Approx.) from the end of the ball to end of threaded shaft
Colors (pick one or more you'd like for your lever)

Cleaning Instructions & Care

Please Note: The 2024 T4 Aluminum Shaft has a lower resistance to rust. Keep away from moisture.

Handle Cleaning

Clean using a soft, lightly dampened cloth with mild soap & water only. Your handle also has wax over a hard finish. If you feel your lever needs further protection, using a non-silicone based wax once-per-year can be used. Any other cleaners will void the warranty.


Any defects in craftsmanship, under regular tuning use from the original owner, will be repaired free of charge in the first 24 months from the original date of purchase (wood/finish, oxidation or corrosion, head, & tips not included). If a repair cannot be made, a similar lever will be given to the original owner, completely free of charge. Shipping and handling charges will apply.