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Let's Schedule Your Tuning!

"So happy Randy was with us in Nashville to tune Jim's piano!  Not only is he a very talented & professional tuner...he's a great guy!  Thanks, Randy!!
  - Jim Brickman, America's Romantic Piano Sensation

You're in excellent hands.  I'm a full-service provider!  :-)

Piano "Tuning" is the act of turning over 250 +/- tuning pins & strings clockwise/counterclockwise until their desired pitch is reached, in order to align their musical frequencies to sound correct and pleasing to the ear.  A440 pitch (the "A4" key above "Middle C") is important to all levels of pianists, especially young children, for proper ear training & education.
Piano "Servicing" is made up of 5 categories:
1.  Tuning
2.  Humidity Control
3.  Regulation (key performance)
4.  Voicing (warmth of sound)
5.  Repairs
I will inspect your piano in the first 10 minutes to see what services you'll need right away and teach you how we will keep your piano running strong for generations.

Inspections are free and are only charged if the primary reason for the visit is for the inspection. 

Before & After a Pitch Raise & Tuning

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