Tuning to A440

Recommended 4 times in the first year, then once every 6 months thereafter.

Did you know that about ONE THIRD of the clients I see are parents who cannot tell if their child’s piano is in tune or not? This is one of the biggest reasons regular tuning is important - It keeps the pitch right where it should be.


Polishing & Cleaning

Cleaning Recommended: Once Per Year / Deep Polishing: Every 5 Years

A clean piano not only looks better, but also works better. Protect your piano’s inner “action” that controls the way the keys work. It will save you expensive bills on replacing corroded parts.


Humidity Control - The Key to Tuning Stability

42% (consistent) relative humidity is best. A stable room humidity level prolongs a piano’s life and tuning. Yes, it’s really that simple :)

You can…

struggle to maintain your room’s humidity level by running an external room humidifier (adding water on a daily basis and monitoring its levels) + running a dehumidifier daily (and subsequently monitoring its levels)

- OR -

√ You can make it easy on yourself…

and have a Piano Life Saver System installed for you (I’m a certified system installer). Piano Life Saver Systems are completely silent and do everything for you. All you need to do is add water once *every-other-week, on average.

How the System Works

Photo courtesy of the Dampp Chaser Corporation @ www.pianolifesaversystem.com

Photo courtesy of the Dampp Chaser Corporation @ www.pianolifesaversystem.com

When your room humidity rises above 43%, a heating element (called the “dehumidification rod”) kicks on to increase the temperature inside your piano’s soundboard area. Once the relative humidity level decreases down to 41%, this shuts off automatically. At the same time, another smaller humidification rod heats up to draw moisture from (2) blue water wicks (called “pads”) which then evaporates water molecules into the soundboard area. This returns the humidity back to 43%. THIS CYCLE CONTINUES SILENTLY AND BY THE MINUTE, leaving your piano better protected in tuned longer.


Benefits to the System

  • Similar to a garaged automobile, you can greatly prolong your piano’s life and tuning simply with controlled moisture.

  • Your resale value will increase

  • You’ll have a better tuned piano

  • Your tuning pin torque will stay consistent longer

  • You lesson the chance of string corrosion

  • The tone quality will stay much more consistent by eliminated a change in the density of the felt fibers’

  • The key-action performance will stay much more consistent, resulting in better key performance


Action Regulation

Recommended: Once in the first 5 years / Every 5 to 8 years thereafter

Pianos are equipped with about 5,000 inner “action” parts. A well “regulated” piano action means greater dynamics, tone quality, and precision in key performance. When these parts change with regular use, the regulation quality slips. Let me correct, improve, and enhance their functionality with a concert prep or an action regulation. A well “regulated” piano means greater dynamics, tone quality, and precision performance.


Keytop Replacement Sets

A new set of tops will truly enhance your piano’s beauty and value. Ivories, while historical correct for period pianos, tend to pop off, yellow, and chip. I offer replacements of acrylic plastic, synthetic ivory, & simulated ivory.

52 Natural (white) Keys

  • Tops Only $690 + tax

  • Tops w/ leveling, squaring, & spacing $950

  • Tops w/ bushings, leveling, squaring, & spacing $1,150

36 Ebony Tops

  • Refinish Originals w/ fresh varnish $429

  • Plastic Replacements $550

  • Ebony Replacements $950


Finish Repair

Onsite & In-Shop

Many scratches, chips and dents, coffee stains & rings, and blemishes can be repaired easily right in your own home. I perform repairs on semi-gloss, satin, high gloss polish, polyester, lacquer, polyurethane, and stained finishes.



Why Inspect

We like to inform sellers of their own piano’s true condition & functionality. I have years of experience in knowing how pianos work. Structural problems can easily be spotted if you know where and how to look.


A pre-tuning inspection only takes a handful of minutes to achieve. An inspection before purchasing can take up to 30 minutes + another 30 minutes for the written report.


Inspections are free when performed with your piano tuning. Pre-scheduled inspections only on your own piano or one you’re interested in purchasing are the same price as your town’s Standard Tuning.


Piano Mover Specialists

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Buying & Selling

Don’t let buying a piano become a confusing and troubling adventure. Let me help you determine a piano that is suitable for you & your family’s needs.

I sell pianos occasionally, as do some of my clients.